Newsletter July 2012

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Change is always good....

Many of you have experienced me as coaching through change, embracing change, encouraging change... Today, it is time for myself to once again make the changes that are right for me.
2 years ago, I wrote to you and announced that my dream, the center is now open! I have cheriched every moment of it, and those of you who have known me before maybe already guessed .... 2 years is enough in one place.... those doors are now closing, to allow others to open... let's move on...

I look forward to seeing you again soon
Lots of Love
Mona Abdulrahim-Santl

New service provider

A lot of you have not been receiving newsletters, emails etc....
I have changed the service provider, and am hoping to get more news out to you starting now!
In case you are prompted to confirm the newsletter, please do so, or make sure the emails coming from MINDYOURPOWER or are not going into your spam folder.
You could, of course, at any time, unsubscribe.
We also have implemented the 'weekly inspiration' mail, as well as the 'weekly tip' for all our worshop participants.

New offices

From 15th July, Mind Your Power will be moving out of the premises in Hamra.
Over the summer, and on a temporary basis, 2 wonderful ladies, Rana Jabbour and Randa Makarem have provided 2 beautiful offices, so that all our services will be going on smoothly. Pleases continue to book your appointments by phone as usual, and we will arrange for you the most convenient location.
Here are the addresses:

Weavers Center, 19 Clemenceau Street, Kantari, Beirut, Lebanon  | t +961 1 361 022   m +961 3 843 000


Verdun Str, Iwan Maktabi Bldg, 6th fl
Beirut, Lebanon
+961 1 353 286    +961 3 843 749

July schedule

As we are moving , our schedule is very limited this month. We do hope for your understanding.

Group Regression

with Eliane Mezher
at Soul Spa

What if you have lived before?
Have you been experiencing emotions or behaviors you cannot explain?
Do you have recurring visions that seem so real and that you cannot justify?
Have you had the experience of feeling that you've been somewhere before, or known someone a long time ago - maybe your head tells you 'No" but your heart says "Yes".
Attend this Group Past Life Regression session to find out! Certified Hypnotherapist Eliane Mezher will guide you through an exploration of your past. To know more about Eliane you can refer to the attached file for a full bio.

Group session will start at on time. Latecomers will not be able to join in. The center will be open 30 mins before the session.
Cost: 25$
we are offering 2 separate sessions:
Friday 6/7/2012 at 6:30pm and Wednesday 11/7/2012 at 10:30am
Call us at +961 1 353 286  or +961 3 843 749 and let us know which session you want to attend.

Eliane is a Certified Hypnotherapist since Sept 2011, Certified NLP Master Practitioner since Dec 2011, Certified EFT Practitioner since Dec 2011 and Hypno-Life Coach.
Her favorite quote for today is “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a New Ending” ~ Maria Robinson


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