Probably Acupuncture or acupressure sounds familiar to you...

You have maybe heard of the healing effects in Traditional Chinese Medicine...

What if you could use this technique yourself without going through the Chinese schools of medicine?

EFT is based ion the same principle, except, it is for you and me... For everybody to use without deep knowledge of meridians, energy systems etc...

We have a physical body and an etherical, or energy body. Just as our physical body has organs and circulatory systems, the etherical body has chakras and meridians.

When you visit an acupuncturist, he will place needles on specific meridians points associated to your troubles, and release the blocked energy, an acupressurist or a reflexologist will press on those same points.

For laymen or women who do not know which meridian relates to which organ, emotion, or even physical disorder, EFT has made it simple...

Tap on all of them... This way, we are sure to get the right one....
Sounds simple ?... It is!

This is a technique that you can use anywhere you are , anytime. 

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If you already have had some experience with EFT, and are just interested in the 'Basic Recipe", here is how it goes:

1. Measure the intensity of your discomfort on a scale from 0-10, 1 being the least, 10 the worst ( 0 none)

2. The set up

  • Tap on the karate chop (KC) repeating

"even though I ............................... ( insert negative feeling or emotion or discomfort),

I deeply and truly accept and love myself"

  • Repeat 3 times

3. Tap

on the following sequence with 2 fingers, while addressing the problem state, i.e. saying : "this feeling of ....."

  • Beginning of eyebrow (EB)
  • Side of eyebrow (SE)
  • Under the eye (UE)
  • Between nose and upper lip (UN)
  • Between lower lip and chin (UL)
  • Under the collarbone (CB)
  • Under arm, at the side of the body, even with the bra strap (UA)
  • Under breast (UB) 
  • Wrist (Wr)
  • Top of head (TH) 
  • Instead of the wrist (which is a shortcut), you can tap individually on the side of the thumb, index finger, middle finger and pinkie - in the first segment, on the upper side when looking from above 
  • Take a deep breath, and exhale - releasing....

4. Tap on the gammut point

and while tapping, do the following:

  • Close your eyes
  • Open your eyes
  • Look downwards to the right
  • Look downwards to the left
  • Rotate your eyes rightwards
  • Rotate your eyes leftwards
  • Hum a song (for a couple fo seconds)
  • Count: 1-2-3-4-5
  • Hum a song again

5. Do a second round of tapping on the same points again

6. Measure the intensity on the scale from 0 - 10 again. 

7. Start from the top again

at the Karate Chop (KC), this time stating: "even though I still have some...............................left 
I deeply and truly accept and love myself"

8. Tap again

the whole sequence again,  this time saying "this remaining feeling of ................... "

9. Repeat until you reached 0 on the scale!