After learning about "hypnosis", one of the most common comments of parents is: "I wish I had had this info before I had children"!
If you are parent, you (amongst others) are hypnotizing your child every day.

What if you knew what others wished they had known?

What if you can bring up your child with the tools a hypnotherapist needs to de-hypnotize later on?

What if you can learn the language to positively affect your children?

What if you can learn a way to change negative feelings associated to old stories?


  • Understand the power of your words and actions
  • Understand yourself, your own beliefs and habits, and learn ways to control them
  • Understand that your role as a parent is to allow your children to live their lives
  • Discover your child objectively
  • Learn to focus on the useful
  • Learn ways to reinforce positive suggestions
  • Learn a simple technique of letting go
  • Understand how your mind works
  • Learn to appreciate how your child's mind works
  • Discover the power of "being ok"
  • and much more...

Soon, we are launching our online course, so you can register from anywhere in the world.... 

If you are a consulting hypnotist, and would like to add this specialty to your toolbox, please check the course calendar or email me directly at

If you are a parent and are looking for a certified Hypno-Parenting coach in your area, check the table below

Hypno-Parenting Coaches

Sarah DemoneCanadasarahtdemone@gmail.​com​​+1 (519)
Daniel 3 348 853
Daniel 3 083 258
Grace 3 724 033
Nelly 3 989 992
Olga 3 298 755
Rana 3 800 094
Deb (978) 582-7117
Barbara 79 1025772
Beatrice 79 5820414
Bernadette 79 7789643
Cornelia 76 5923061
Daniela Kä 79 6395130
Elsbeth 78 8242277
Esther 79 5127407
Lucy Polentarutti 76 3236432
Nicole 78 7402507
Nicole 79 3085444
Nahid El 3 884005
Mona Abdulrahim-SantlUnited Arab 56