"The ill within thee will not long endure,
If thou knowest that within thee is the cure.
Consider thyself not a worthless thing,
The world is folded underneath thy wing."

There is no one way for you to find what you are looking for... whatever technique you prefer is just the right one for you...

Allow us to help YOU discover what way is right for you... Here is a short description of what approaches have proven to help reach a state of wellbeing... all ways lead to YOUR goal, YOUR dream.... some ways may be paved, others a bit rough, some might have stones or rocks, some are straight, others might be long and winding.... 

All approaches are entirely FREE of medication.

All approaches are based on natural phenomena that happen every day in your life anyway - ways in which your mind and body operate naturally - just here, we use them deliberately and in a positive way - in a way that helps you!

All work is based on finding your internal healing power !

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Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, which we all are in so many times during the day. Sending the conscious mind to “sleep” can be attained by deep relaxation, allowing the sub-conscious mind to accept new suggestions and change the perception of old destructive habits.

The healing effects of hypnotism were already utilized in the ancient “sleeping temples”, and, after thorough investigations, recognized as a viable and effective tool by the British Medical Association in 1955 and the American Medical Association in 1958.

Neuro Linguistic Programming helps you understand the way your mind works. It is a powerful tool to quickly and effectively change thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that get in your way.

Coaching has become increasingly valuable to people of all walks of life - for personal as well as business purposes.

Ancient healing Science is based on the existence of a universal life force, that we call energy, prana, chi, ki, gi, Mana, or Ruah … Traditional Chinese Medicine recognizes a physical body as well as an etherical (energy) body. Just as our physical body has organs, our etherical body consists of energy centers, so called chakras, and instead of vascular, lymphatic or respiratory transportation systems, meridians are the energy pathways. The energy and the physical body are interconnected.

Similar to the more popular Reiki, Pranic Healing is a simple yet powerful and effective energy healing method, based on the principle that the body possesses the innate ability to heal itself, and, the healing process is accelerated by increasing prana (energy).

A simple muscle test can detect blocks in the energy meridians.Kinesiology and  EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) techniques will bring the energy back to flow, thus re-balancing mind and body.

Your first session is typically 2 - 2,5 hours long, the subsequent sessions 1-2 hours

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