Most of my clients think they will be asleep during the hypnosis session, will not remember a thing they said (or did), and will totally be under my control....

Well, none of this is true.

In fact, by looking at the above picture, you might already feel a sense of peace stream through you, and now just imagine yourself sitting in that recliner, hearing the soothing sound of my voice, and allow yourself to relax.... now....

Yes, this is how easy and simple hypnosis is...

So what is hypnosis??

Hypnotism is a professional approach that helps you access your potential - access that natural and innate state that controls your life - that part of your mind that can help you do anything you desire - or - limit you - depending on how it was programmed...

Let me explain it differently...

If you drive, I am sure you know this situation: You get in the car, drive home, and... suddenly you are there! "Yes", I hear you say... "It happens all the time!" 
How did you get there? Who was driving?

Well, it was your subconscious mind!

Your conscious mind was not present! How often does this happen? When we watch a movie, read a story, watch photos from our last holiday trip, and are carried away....

The conscious mind, that rational analytical, logical part is not with us.
Instead, we drift, we live an imagination, we see, hear and feel as if it was real.

THIS IS WHAT WE CALL THE STATE OF HYPNOSIS!!!!! Not more and not less.... Just that ....

There is no logic in this state of pure emotions and feelings, just automatism.

Our subconscious mind is the mind that takes over tasks for us, so that we can focus on something new! So while you are thinking about what to make for dinner tonight or your meeting agenda tomorrow morning, it is driving! And breathing ... And sitting without falling... And digesting your lunch... And taking care of all your body functions.. And ...and...and...

Thank God! Because consciously, you couldn't concentrate on doing all that....

How can it do that?
Well, it learned it at one point. And that learning experience was very conscious. Can you remember the driving lessons you took? You had to concentrate on shifting gears, looking in the mirror.... Where is the clutch and where is the brake pedal?
But like everything that we repeat and repeat, we get better and better at....
So.... After weeks or months or years, your subconscious mind has become so good at driving, it doesn't need to think about it any more.... Stepping on the clutch while shifting gears has become a habit.... It does it automatically....

Now you might ask yourself "what has this to do with hypnosis?"
The answer is simple:
Every unwanted behavior or habit we have is, just like driving, a behavior or habit that our subconscious mind learned, developed the skills, became better and better at, and became professional at...

Here is an example.
Let's say a small girl, 4, comes home from her first day of kindergarten. She feels sad, because no one played with her.... Her Mommy wants to comfort her and tells her :"Here, I made you a chocolate cake! Eat this, and you will feel better!"
The subconscious mind learns that chocolate cake makes her feel better. When and if this behavior is repeated and reinforced (usually by parents or grandparents) , it becomes an automatic response. Assuming this girl grows up, gets married, has children, and then one day.... Her husband leaves her and the children are grown up and gone... And... She finds herself all alone at home, feeling left alone, feeling lonely... The subconscious has the solution: chocolate cake!!!!!!!! So without knowing why, she opens the kitchen cabinets or the fridge and starts eating.... Giving herself that comforting feeling.
Consciously she knows that she doesn't want to binge, that she is not hungry, that she is getting fat.... Yet... She cannot resist- her automatic program is at work.

Here is another example, even further back: a baby of 6 months in a stroller sees a dog for the first time. That baby has no idea what this creature is.... And let's say, the mother, either out of fear herself, or because she wants to protect the child, startles, and pulls the baby towards her.
What doers this child learn?
Yes, exactly... This creature,whatever it is, is to be aware of, the proper reaction is to startle....
Well, the experience might repeat itself, and with very repetition, the reaction of 'startling' becomes more and more professional.... It becomes a habit to jump back.... Until finally it becomes so normal and natural, that this child doesn't have to think about it anymore..... It is a habit... But even more than that.... Because it is so normal, it has become a belief! The dog is something to beware of.... To jump back from.... To be afraid of! There is the fear, that has snuck itself upon that little boy....

So, you want to reeducate your subconscious mind and convince it that this behavior was valid and useful at the time, but is no longer needed now.

How do we get there? How does a session look like?

Everything that has ever happened in your life from the time you were in your mother's womb is stored and saved in your subconscious mind, like on the hard disk of your computer. You see, unlike the conscious mind that has a limited memory capacity, the subconscious remembers everything, but also actually at the time of the event picks up more bits of information.

Now, how do you find an information from hundreds of files stored on your computer? Enter the keyword, press search, hit enter.... And here it is... Pops up immediately.
Now believe it or not, Your mind does the same! With the help of your certified Hypnotherapist, you Enter the feeling you want to get rid of, and boom... You are there... At The cause, the first time you felt this way, at that 'initial sensitizing event'

All You need to do is relax, allow your mind to drift.... and allow your subconscious to make the changes that you consciously already made.

A Hypnosis session will help for:

  • Smoking 
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Drug addiction
  • Gambling
  • Eating disorders
  • Stress 
  • Stuttering
  • Nail biting
  • Bed wetting
  • Anxiety
  • Fears
  • Phobias
  • Confidence / self-esteem
  • Test anxiety
  • Public speaking
  • Relationship problems
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Insomnia
  • Fertility issues
  • Procrastination
  • Anger
  • Depression
  • Any unwanted behavior
  • and much more

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