The best thing any mother can offer to her baby

 ”Taking the hypnobirthing sessions with Mona Abdul Rahim made my birthing experience a very positive and enjoyable one. I was able to overcome the contractions of labor through the breathing techniques I learned as well as the light touch massage that my husband learned with me. But I think that the whole process that took place a month prior to delivery made all the difference: Mona helped me to enter my subconscious mind and remove all the fears and misconceptions related to painful labors and I was indeed able to relax the day of my delivery and had a successful natural birth without having the need to take any drugs or an epidural. Having my first baby, I spent only 5 hours at the hospital and felt like time was flying. And if you ask me now about what happened that day I will honestly have to say that it was like a short happy dream that ended with a precious healthy little baby girl.
It is the best thing any mother can offer to her baby, since babies born this way are more aware and more relaxed! I definitely recommend hypnobirthing to all mothers.” Hiba I.

Hypno-Parenting through the eyes of a hypnotherapist and a mother


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