Newsletter 17 November 2011

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Dear friends and clients,



What if .... you just smiled?

Go ahead.... SMILE 🙂

How do you feel?


I just had a most uplifting experience during my weekly motivational classes in a school.


A sweet girl came to me and asked me to come to their class. I wasn't scheduled to see grade 6 this week... but I just couldn't resist those insisting eyes, and this smile... so I went...


I asked the class why they wanted me to come, and they said because "we learn such interesting things about how to be happy!"

I asked them what they had learned, remembered, or even applied from my last visit, and there is was.... an entire class smiling at me and saying : "to smile and to laugh!".

It was cold and raining, but I felt so warm... 

They went on sharing their expereinces about how they effected their families... and...



Yes, they had totally understood it:

We sometimes think that things have to be difficult and complicated to be effective...

Here they were, "getting" how easy it was ...


let's learn from those 11 year old children...

let's get those simple tools back into our lives...

let's SMILE 🙂


I hope to see many of you soon again, and meet those of you I do not know personally.

Please have a look at the courses and events happening at the center this month...

and please give me a call on my personal mobile 71-607085, and pass by the office... I look forward to a warm cup of tea with you...



Mona Abdulrahim-Santl




Homeopathic Home-Use course 


Homeopathy is a natural and inexpensive approach for treating acute and common illnesses in your daily life.


Ziad K. Salloum holds a diploma in classical homeopathy from LICH and a diploma in homeopathic medicine from St. Joseph University (USJ), and self-educated in energy healing for more than 15 years. Ziad is dedicated and devoted to inform and educate you about how homeopathy and energy healing can help in your life.


MIND YOUR POWER is hosting this home use course on

Friday, 18th November, 10-12

Wednesday, 23rd November, 10-12

Friday, 25th November, 10-12

Wednesday, 30th November, 10-12

Friday, 2nd December, 10-12


Cost is 225$

Register with a friend and pay 200$ only each!


Call Eliane on 03-218212 to register today....


Energy Healing 201 -Reiki essentials & more 

certification workshop

"I treasure designing this new workshop to help you awaken to more heart & soul joy & to raise your vibration by peeling away in a subtle gentle way the layers of physical, emotional & mental blockages that may be holding you down" 

Zeina Machnouck


Join Zeina in this relaxing workshop and get certified as a Reiki level 1 practitioner.


  • Breathing meditation for relaxation and concentration
  • Protective techniques to strengthen, rejuvenate and shield your Aura
  • Energy clearing techniques to cleanse your space (home and office) from lingering, stagnant energy
  • Experience a "REIKI" hands on healing attunement and practice to heal yourself and others
  • As BONUS, learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a method of tapping on meridians, which helps you release stuck, blocked, self-sabotaging painand painful memories
  • TRAINING SUPPORT: A follow up session will be individually assigned for review and progress

"Get in touch with your Authentic self by taking responsibility of your own wellbeing & let those simple tools activate your own healing essence to work in a subtle progressive way to liberate you.... join the course & experience being what you love & loving what you do! "


The workshop will be held on

Saturday, 3rd December 9.00-5.00


Cost: 250$

Register with a friend and get a 10% discount each!

Student pay 50% only!


Call Zeina for more info : 03-630157

Call ELiane to register: 03-218212




... is a form of energy healing that works on the physical, emotional and mental level, treating the individual as a whole, and allowing one to return to a balanced state.

Vastly different from Reiki, Jin Shin, Qi Gong or any healing technique ever encountered, Reconnective healing allows you to transcend technique and its limitations. The highly palpable energies of Reconnective Healing are initiated during your session and continue working with you long after you’ve left the office. Following your session you will be operating at, and attuned to a more comprehensive healing frequency than ever before.


Call Mona Jabri to find more about "The Reconnection"

Mona is certified as Reconnective Healing practitioner and one of the few who practices  "The Reconnection" . She is also a certified Reiki practitioner, and ThetaHealing practitioner.




to book YOUR appointment...





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Tel: 01-74 03 74 or 71-60 70 85