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Soul Glow


What will you get from this program ?

* Energy Healing Reiki
* Reiki Certifications I & II
* Introduction to EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
* EFT Certification I & II
* EFT specially designed scripts Soul Glow attunement
* Beauty enlightenment attunement
* Soul Glow attunement
* Beauty enlightenment attunement
* Private coaching sessions according the desired program
* On-call Coaching for 6 months (for the 6 months program only)
* Clarity getting over blockages
* Healing group sessions
* Getting to the core of Healing
* Inner deep sense of relaxation & Beauty
* Inner glow on a cellular level
* Shining Skin
* Extreme Glow
* Brilliant results
* Muscle toning
* Letting go of past issues
* Have full control of emotions
* Overpower emotions
* Improve glow skin, hair
* Sparkle and stand out
* Feeling lighter
* and much more…

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Start your transformation, Get in touch with Your Glow, Expand and radiate into light, Soul Glow-You are the light