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Lebanon becoming smoke-free... Join in and become a Non-smoker!.

September ...

Summer is almost over and fall is starting... the air at night is getting cooler...
Why is this time of the year called "fall"? maybe because the leaves start falling???
What if the trees would hold on to and not let go of the old leaves? 
Would the branches become heavy, cluttered and overloaded?
Would the bark be able to breathe freely?
Would the fresh little leaves have enough space to develop?

For some of you, this time of the year is also about letting go... letting go of little children starting school, older children going their own way, letting go of summer habits, maybe some extra kilos...
For a lot of you, it's back to work, school, university, commitment, organization, schedules, "law and order", starting a new project, a new education, developing new habits ....
Can you imagine something you want to let go of?
Can you imagine an area in your life in which you want to develop new and fresh decisions and actions?
Can you imagine allowing yourself to free yourself from the old and allowing the new?

Ask yourself :
  • What are you identifying with?
  • What habit, behavior or discomfort are you "owning"?
  • What do you speak of as "mine"?
  • What verbs do you use as nouns?
Once you are aware of those thought and language patterns
  • Commit - talk about your new habits - make them a part of you - let your environment know...
  • Slip into a new identity by imagining your new self... see yourself looking the improved way, hear yourself talk with an enhanced language, feel yourself capable and satisfied...
  • Turn "my" into "the" (e.g. "the migraine" vs "my migraine")
  • Stop identifying with the habit you want to stop (e.g. "I procrastinate" instead of "I am a procrastinator")

I, myself, have decided to send the "helper" part in me on a vacation, allowing the "conceited" part to work more!

On a bigger scale.....
Lebanon is going though a transition: Lebanon, the country where smoking seemed to be part of "lifestyle", now banning smoking in public places! WOW!
If Lebanon can do it, what's stopping you?
I look forward to seeing you soon
Much Love,
Mona Abdulrahim-Santl

Stop smoking

For a limited time, I am offering a special stop smoking package of 3 sessions for 400$
  • Letting go of the habit of smoking
  • Reinforcing that YOU are in control, and no other habit (like snacking) can sneak in
  • Follow up
Call 71-607085 for appointments

Weight Management

Let go of the protective pack around you...
Call for a FREE consultation session, to find out what is holding you back from getting rid of those extra kilos.
After this initial consultatiion, I will help you develop your new you. Several options are possible:
  • Weight management program of 6 sessions
  • Hypnotic Gastric Band surgery 
  • Follow up
Call 71-607085 for info and appointments

In addition, and in collaboration with Contours, group wellbeing sessions as well as support meetings will be offered regularly starting October, which will include smoking cessation, weight management and more... stay tuned...

Weavers Center, 19 Clemenceau Street, Kantari, Beirut, Lebanon  | t +961 1 361 022   m +961 3 843 000


Mind Your Birth

Are you pregnant and in Lebanon? Do you want to naturally and gently birth your baby?
Allow YOUR baby a gentle entry into this world 🙂

Next course (4 evenings) starting on Tuesday, 2nd October at 6pm

Verdun Str, Iwan Maktabi Bldg, 6th fl
Beirut, Lebanon
+961 1 353 286    +961 3 843 749

Courses are for couples and include a hypnosis session of fear release .
Cost: 250$ per couple for group sessions
Individual sessions available @ 450$

Call 71-607085 for info and appointments

Become a professional Hypnotherapist

Training starting on 15th September!
Early bird discount until 8th September!

Become a Hypnotherapist, certified by the National Guild of Hypnotists, USA
Please visit for full information abou the training 
Dates :
15./16./21./22. September
6./7./12.*/13./19.*/20./26.*/27. October
9.30 am - 5.30 pm
* Fridays can be switched to Sundays .
Trainer: Mona Abdulrahim-Santl, BCH, CI



Other activities

Journey into happiness

Is all the chaos of the city winding you up?
If you need a break Hypnotherapist Eliane Mezher will take you on a journey to deep relaxation and calmness. During her session, she aims to bring you to a completely peaceful state of mind  leaving you happily worry-free.

Cost: 20.000 LL
Friday, 7th September at 6.30pm.

Call 03-218212 to register

What is hypnosis?
Find out what hypnosis really is and how it is a natural state of mind that you all know so well.
Friday, 28th September at 6.30pm.

Past Life Group Regression

What if you have lived before?
Have you been experiencing emotions or behaviors you cannot explain?
Do you have recurring visions that seem so real and that you cannot justify?
Have you had the experience of feeling that you've been somewhere before, or known someone a long time ago - maybe your head tells you 'No" but your heart says "Yes".
Attend this Group Past Life Regression session to find out!  Eliane Mezher will guide you through an exploration of your past. 
Group session will start at on time. Latecomers will not be able to join in. The center will be open 30 mins before the session.
Cost: 25$
There are 2 separate sessions:
Wednesday, 19th September at 10am and Friday, 21st September at 6.30pm
Call us at +961 1 353 286  or +961 3 843 749 and let us know which session you want to attend.

Her favorite quote is “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a New Ending” ~ Maria Robinson


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