Again this year, I am excited and honored to have been chosen to present and teach at the NGH summer convention in August in Marlborough, Massachusetts. 

This time, I will be holding a 2-hour presentation and a 2-day post convention certification course.

See the video below for more info about HYPNO-PARENTING

HYPNO-PARENTING – A profitable market of millions of parents 

Get certified at the NGH convention on 12th and 13th August 2019

"I wish I had known about the power of hypnosis before I had my children"!
Have you heard this before?
When teaching a Hypnotherapy certification course, many of my students are housewives and mothers, and take the training for personal use...

During the training, a lot reflect on their own life and childhood, and even more on the lives of their children…

Parents, amongst others, are hypnotizing their child every day.
This seminar will show you how to pass on the knowledge parents wished they had known in order for them to affect their children positively and teach them the basic and safe tools a hypnotherapist needs to de-hypnotize later on.

Key Benefits

• An eye-opening seminar that will give you all the tools to start working with everyone involved with children of all ages!
• Increase your income by targeting the most profitable, income-producing group available in the world – parents!
• Leverage your work by getting clients from seminars!
• Become a trusted professional for schools to work with!

Don’t miss this unique, comprehensive and exciting two days!

- You will learn how to teach parents to use a positive approach to education
- You will learn how to teach parents about regression, how to do a technique similar to age regression
- You will receive scripts that you can give parents, specially designed for them
- You will role play a lot of parent-child situations during these 2 days
- You will learn about my marketing emails and tools to get to work with schools
- You will become part of the hypno-parenting community, share and receive updates regularly

Bullet Point List

• Explain hypnosis to a parent
• Dealing with fears
• Understand how children think
• Understand how children behave
• Amazing ways to Focus on the positive
• Differences you must understand before you judge a child
• Different ways to dealing with pain and illness
• Exciting ways to elicit emotions
• Guidelines for marketing
• Innovative ways to conduct introductory talks
• Key elements of appreciation
• Reasons for fears
• A complete toolkit on how to formulate suggestions
• A comprehensive step-by-step method of dealing with a fear
• A detailed explanation of anchors
• An answer to the question: “What did I do wrong as parent?”
• An easy to understand explanation of regression
• An easy way to fall asleep
• Answers to why a habit got stuck
• A basic understanding motional Intelligence for children

6) Seminar Agenda

Day 1:

• Introduction
• What is hypno-parenting?
o The concept
o How to teach it
o Changing the way you see parenting
• How the mind works
o What is hypnosis?
o How do parents hypnotize their children?
• Emotional Intelligence with children
o Empathy
o Understanding children
• Rapport building
• Establishing goals WITH your child
• What is NLP?
o Visual/auditory or kinesthetic aids
o Linguistics
o What is perception?
• Waking hypnosis
o How suggestions affect us
• Suggestions
o Direct suggestions
o Indirect suggestions
o Scripts for emotional eating/nail-biting/study habits/test anxiety
o Scripts for motivation and self confidence
• Motivation for children and parents
o How to help the RAS find positives
• How to turn negatives into positives

Day 2:

• Review of day 1
• “Regression” for parents
• What regression therapy is and how to use it casually and safely with your child?
• How to integrate parts therapy
• Self-hypnosis
o Scripts for different approaches
• Dealing with illness and pain
• Dealing with fears and phobias
• Outline and formats of teaching
• Marketing strategies
• Ethics and limitations
• Certificates

This course is certified by Mind Your Power

Suitable for ALL LEVELS!

During the 2 days, you will learn to:
1. Explain to parents the effects of words and actions on their children
2. Describe the steps of hypnotherapy that can be used by lay parents
3. Describe the full step by step course content
4. Construct a course for parents
5. Demonstrate the teachings for parents

Who should attend?

This program is designed for all Certified Hypnotists who want to provide a special training for parents.

Take-home materials

1. Full manual to use with parents, which includes explanation of hypnosis in detail, all the techniques, and scripts
2. Complete powerpoint presentation for introduction session which you can use for a free talk or a paid short seminar in schools
3. Complete presentation and activities of the entire course, including the group exercises and role play
4. Marketing strategies: includes emails, proposals, and how I started

This seminar prepares you for the largest profitable market: parents. Parents want the best for their child. They do whatever they can, sometimes pressurizing, and sometimes subconsciously sending the wrong message. In this day and age, parents are more receptive than ever to do the right things, to live a healthy and happy life and ensure the same for their child.
And here you come… presenting them the perfect solution…