Duration: 4 days

Neuro-Linguistic-Programming helps you understand the way the mind works. It’s a powerful tool to quickly and effectively motivate and change thoughts, behaviors and beliefs that get in your way. It teaches you to identify how others achieve excellence and how to model it in your own mind.
NLP is valuable wherever communication skills can enhance results - in business, negotiation, relationships, parenting, education, public speaking, therapy and many more areas of your life...

Certification through the NFNLP, USA.

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Course content:
- About NLP
- Sensory Acuity
- Mind/Body awareness
- Eye accessing cues
- Representational systems
- Predicates
- Sub-Modalities
- Rapport
- States of Excellence
- Presuppositions of NLP
- Meta Model and questioning
- Anchoring
- Reframing
- and many behavior changing specific techniques...
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