Newsletter June 2011

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"You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection" ~ Buddha


10 June 2011

Dear friends,



Many of my clients have difficulties answering this question - or sometimes they answer clearly: "NO!!"

Many of my clients find it challenging to tell themselves or even their younger self in a hypnosis session: "I LOVE YOU"

Many of you might be searching for someone to accept you, to love you, to respect you... a stranger...

whereas there is someone who can start loving you right now ...YOU!


We are all born pure, perfect and whole - it is what is said to us during our lifetime, and also a lot of what we tell ourselves about ourselves, that shapes us and reinforces the beliefs we hold.


Alexander Pope wrote: "The greatest magnifying glasses in the world are a man's own eyes when they look upon his own person" 


Start a new style of self-talk TODAY ...

seeing who you are - your inner and outer beauty ...

speaking words of encouragement and appreciation ...

feeling the eternal power you have within ...



This is a small exercise that I encourage you to do, just before sleeping. Allow positive thoughts and suggestions to be the last impressions of your day.

Just before going to bed, as your last activity of the day, stand in front of the mirror and speak aloud

- if you no are thinking :"this is silly",  close the door behind you - no one will know what you are doing 😉


Congratulate yourself for things you achieved today

Acknowledge yourself for things you did for others

Acknowledge yourself for things you did for yourself

Acknowledge yourself for things you said

Acknowledge compliments others gave you

Acknowledge things you understood, you realized, you felt

Last by not least, tell yourself "I love you!" or whatever feels easy for now ...


It is important to engage all your senses, because this is the way our Subconscious mind learns. So truly and deeply look at yourself, into your eyes, hear your voice, so yes, it is necessary to talk aloud, and allow yourself to feel what you are saying ...


As the days pass, you will find this exercise getting easier and easier with each day, you will notice how more and more successes and positive thoughts will come to your mind, as your mind trains itself to more and more appreciate YOU and your life ...


Have a wonderful weekend and week...




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