Newsletter February 2012

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Upcoming workshops

for February 2012





Weight Management Workshop
Your facilitatirs:

Grace Ghannoum Khleif & Mona Abdulrahim Santl


This unique workshop will be held over a six-week duration  

Monday, 6th Feb and

Wednesday, 8th Feb

 from 5:00-8:00 pm

and 4 follow-up sessions

Wednesdays 15th/22nd/29th Feb and 7th March

 from 6:00-7:30 pm



The first 2 sessions will be in a seminar form and will focus on self- awareness, emotions, belief systems, self-esteem, behavioral methods and thought processing that lead to weight management.
While the last four sessions will focus on exercises: physiology, future pacing, affirmations, parts therapy, motivational exercises, meditation, and addressing challenges.
Weight Management is a way of life, if adapted properly it will help you change the way you think of food. Your thoughts create your realities and with the help of coaching, hypnosis, and NLP methods we will help you make food your friend, not your enemy and help you manage your weight so that you can enjoy yourself and create a balanced life on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual.
What you will learn in this workshop:

·     Increase Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence (understanding, blaming, accepting, perceiving diets, deprivation, starvation)  

·     Releasing Emotions

·     Behavioral Changes (changing perception of food, loving yourself, taking responsibility)

·     Understanding It Isn’t About Food (it’s about having fun, loving, God)

·     Setting Smart Goals (making a contract)

·     Changing Belief Systems (NLP, Theta healing)

·     Overcoming Obstacles (visualization and hypnosis)

·     Self Esteem (mastering your inner voice)

·     Motivation (triggers, anchoring, correcting past mistakes)

·     Practical Exercises: Hypnosis, visual squash, EFT,

Investment is $300

Please call before Sat 4th Feb to register !!

Call Grace Khleif on 03-724033 or

Mona Abdulrahim-Santl on 71-607085 for info,  

or Eliane Mezher on 03-218212 to register, as places are limited.




FREE Stress Management Workshop

Thursday, 4th February

7.00-9.00 pm

Your facilitator: Youssef Hariri



Who should attend?


Are you facing stress in your studies, in your work, or personal life?

Then this workshop is for YOU ! 



What will you learn?


  • Self-hypnosis within minutes
  • 3 methods to deepen your relaxation
  • 2 techniques to release stress
  • Free yourself from past stressful experiences
  • Keep your calm in future stressful moments



Why free??


We need and value your feedback to improve our workshop



How to attend?


Call 01-740374 or 71-349902


or send an email to



Snacks will be offered at the end of the workshop!





Little Known Tantra Secrets:
How to be Attractive, Sexy & Wanted at any Age!
Friday, Feb 10th, 6 pm till 10 pm
Tantra Yoga is an ancient art promoting the Sacred & Divine essence of Sexuality. It is the school advocating Ecstasy to reach enlightenment.
The course will be filled by the latest techniques coming NOT only from NLP, Behavioral Psychology & Hypnosis But, moreover, it will be packed by rare known techniques & tips coming from Tantra, Yoga, Chi Kung & more!
This is a 4 hours course. It is followed by one-to-one consultation on agreed appointments for every attendee.
The fees are $250 including the one-to- one consultation
Your Facilitators:
Imad Mukahhal holds a Master degree from AUB
He is a Professional Certified Consultant from The American League & A Certified Corporate Coach from 360 Solutions
For the past 20 years he worked as an expert in Training & Development
He dedicated his life since 1991 when he worked in China to collect forgotten Secret knowledge, exercises & Techniques that develop the Human potential at the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels.
He has been giving public courses in the area since 1998. 
He is a Master Reiki introducing it to Lebanon 13 years ago initiating more than 3000 people to this natural system of healing.
He is also an expert in Tantra, Chi Kung & Martial Arts.
Clemence El-Saghbini is a Reiki Master, Life Coach, Family Strategic, Marriage Counselor, NLP Instructor, Hypnotherapist and Yoga Instructor. 
She has a Master in Behavioral Psychology specialized in Human Relations and Strategic Thinking from Baxton University, England.
She has more than 25 years experience in the fields of HR, Training and Development
She has collaborated in designing and has delivered 300 seminars on CommunicationSkills, Advanced Sales Techniques, Emotional Intelligence, Lie Detection, NLP & Reading body Language. 
center for Holistic Therapies and Trainings to register
01-740374 or 03-218212



Center for Holistic Therapies and Trainings

Hamra Main Street, Above Bank Audi, 4th floor, Beirut

01-74 03 74 / 71-60 70 85