Newsletter 19 February 2012

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Dear Friends,


I am contemplating the snow flakes - or rather storm - from the cozy environment of our small flat in Finland, allowing my mind to swirl just like the wind outside....


During the past few weeks, i have again and again been confronted with questions and statements like  "Why are people doing this? " " - or that?" , "Why is life complicated?" , "Life is so fast-paced!" , "People have no time for themselves anymore!" , "I want to fix the world!" .....


WOW! fixing the world... yes, I heard this yesterday... 

Now, while some of you might think, "what a honorable thought", I wanted to know more: "What exactly do you mean by "fix the world" ? and "What exactly is wrong with the world? what part of the world do you want to fix?" 


Just as I challenged that lady, I would like to challenge you...

What part of your life do you want to "fix"?

Is it the people? Work? Family? The entire country? The system? Technology? Politics?

The environment? ...


Here is a small exerise:

  • Make a note of the things that you are bothered by.
    • Note: not the things are bothering you, but you are bothered by them!! 
    • Be aware of what is "wrong", "bad", "ugly", "stupid", "corrupt", "damaged", "old" etc.
  • ​Make an effort to consciously find positive aspects for each negative one
  • Place your awareness on those details... over and over...
  • ​Contemplate
  • ​And become aware of how your feelings towards this object or person change...

As I am still contemplating the snow storm.... I am seeing more and more of the beauty of  the snow flakes... enjoying more the coziness of our small, warm flat....  


So for today, I would like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes:

"Change the Way You Look at Things, and the Things You Look at Will Change!"


As always, I invite you to a warm cup of tea at the center.



Mona Abdulrahim-Santl



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