10 May - Marian Gort - in GERMAN

Marian Gort  hat ihre Praxis in Flims in der Schweiz.
Durch ihre Berufslaufbahn als Kleinkinderzieherin, Lehrerin, Mutter von 2 Teenis, Hypnosetherapeutin, Hypno-Parenting Coach und Mentaltrainerin liegen ihr die Anliegen der Eltern, Kindern und Jugendlichen sehr am Herzen. 
Sie hat auch sehr viel Empathie für Sportler, da sie selber  ganz begeistert ihren Hobbies nachgeht, wie biken, snowboarden, Gleitschirmfliegen , manche, die sie oft auch auf hohem Niveau betrieben hat.
Und genau so wie sie es vorlebt, bestärkt sie ihre Klienten, sich selber besser zu (er)kennen und zu lieben.

Heute wird sie Euch verschiede Tools mitgeben in denen ihr die Eigenliebe direkt erfahren könnt und dürft. 
Mit einfachen Worten wird sie den Unterschied zwischen Narzismus, Egoismus und Eigenliebe erklären. 

Wie beeinflussen verschiedene Worte mein Leben?
Meine Wahrnehmung? 
Wie gehe ich mit meinen Ressourcen besser um? 
Wie boykottiere ich mich selber manchmal?

Und sie wird auch von ihren Erfahrungen erzählen, die sie mit  “Selbstliebe”-suchenden Kunden gemacht hat.

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11 May - Ruth Röthlisberger - in ENGLISH
How to create your own vision board

Ruth Röthlisberger
Originally from Germany, Ruth spent most of her adult life in Singapore and now in Switzerland, where she has her practice since 2016.
Ruth is an OMNI Hypnotherapist and is specialized in working with kids.  
As an active- flow instructor she loves working with active alert hypnosis (hypnosis while moving) and has great results with it.  
She has been presenting this topic  at International Hypnosis Conferences.
When not working with kids, she works with women during times of change. When life changes (due to a new job, kids moving out, separation, life as an expat, etc) we need to redefine ourselves and find new goals. 
This is where she uses her expertise of hypnosis and helps through vision board workshops.
Ever since she attended her first Vision board Workshop 6 years ago in Singapore, she was hooked.  She never considered herself as a very creative or arts and crafts person but visualizing her own visions and goals through a vision board by using pens, paper, scissors and glue really brought some special flow into her life. 
This first Workshop has changed her life so much and she has ever since created her own vision board on a yearly basis . 
She has also passed on this passion in many Vision board Workshops in Switzerland and has seen amazing transformations in people through their boards.

Especially in hard times it is so important for us to have goals and visions and visualize them, so we won’t forget them.
In this talk Ruth explains what a vision board is, and what it’s good for. 
She takes you through: 
Different kinds of vision boards
Different topics for a vision board
Material you need to create a vision board
Questions you need to ask yourself as a preparation to start a vision board
Tips and tricks for when you would like to create a board for yourself at home

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12 May - Mona Abdulrahim-Santl - in ENGLISH
Home-schooling from a Hypno-Parenting perspective

Mona Abdulrahim-Santl  is the founder and Managing Partner at Mind Your Power, a Holistic Consultancy focused on communication for the development of a mindset of wellbeing, for the personal, educational and corporate environment.
Having lived in several countries and continents, she understands how to flexibly adapt her training courses and coaching sessions for corporate or personal development to cultural, and also unique and individual needs. 
As NLP Trainer, Psychology Healing Practitioner, Hypnotherapy Instructor and Emotional Intelligence Specialist, she regularly holds intercultural and motivational seminars and talks, and has designed and facilitated training courses in various areas of soft skills. 
She is a member of the NGH and NFNLP, and the founder and President of the LSH.
She is also the founder of ‘Hypno-Parenting’, a program designed to help parents be more self-aware, and more emotionally intelligent. She has worked with International Schools, training parents, and also academic staff in the art of effective communication. Mona is equally fluent in English, German, Arabic and French. 

In this talk, I speak about using the ‘Hypno-Parenting’ approach to deal with the challenge of Home-schooling, that many parents are facing at the moment. 
Hypno-Parenting is NOT hypnosis, neither for parents nor for children.
It is a concept of becoming aware of your own parenting style, your habits your verbal and non-verbal communication, and becoming aware of the child’s personality, style, communication etc… to be able to deal with every child independently and uniquely.

26 May - Tricia Evans - in ENGLISH
How to survive & thrive in this extraordinary time

Tricia Evans   was the first Business Coach in Dubai, & has coached over 6,600 people since 1993. So she’s been one of the senior Freelance Coaches throughout the UAE’s phenomenal rise over the last 25 years. Her focus is business, but she’s very holistic in approach, as it’s vital to have the key elements of your life in sync to feel truly successful.
Her role as a Coach is to enable people to ‘Be Successful on Purpose’ – & coaching sessions with her provide a ‘safe’ space where people can explore what success means to them, & then figure out exactly how to get there. All her work is psychology in action, & her coaching is very ‘hands-on’ & extremely practical.
Her business experience includes 25 years as a freelance Business Coach, 5 years on the Faculty of Ashridge Business School (still one of the top 20 Business Schools in the world), & 10 years with Unilever in sales & marketing.

After living in Dubai for 23 years, she moved to Ras Al Khaimah 3 years ago when her daughter left home, & now lives surrounded by sea – which is a fabulous place to live during a lockdown! She’s a keen sports woman & adventure traveller, & her 22-year old daughter is now a professional Sky Diver in Greece!

“When fishermen can’t go to sea, they repair their nets”
What have you been doing in this extraordinary time?

In this week’s talk, Tricia shares with us her business coaching tips, which is one of the activities she herself has been producing during her own lockdown.

So let yourself be inspired and get practical ideas & a different perspective from a seasoned Business Coach
  • to navigate the current uncertainty 
  • to lessen the overwhelm
  • and to get reassurance that you’re on the right track

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2 June - Daniel Ghanimé - in ENGLISH
Morphopsychology - understanding Faces & Characters

Daniel Ghanimé   is a Holder of an International MBA in enterprise management, a Licensed Morpho-psychologist, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and Hypno-Parenting Coach.
He is a Member of the National guild of hypnotists (NGH), member of the Lebanese syndicate of Hypnotherapists, and a member of the Société française de Morphpopsychologie (SFM).

In this talk, he will talk about Reading a face like a book and the science behind it: Basics of Morpho-psychology

Morpho-psychology (often referred to as face reading) is a very precise diagnostic tool to understand an individual’s personality and character, and strengths and weaknesses, through the study of facial characteristics. 

The French psychiatrist, Dr. Louis Corman, created Morpho-psychology after 20 years of intensive research and published his first book on the subject in 1937.

It is a tool for self-awareness and self-development, for improved communication with others and invaluable for therapists, human resource specialists, team leaders, and in sales, amongst other professions, as well as in daily life. 

Through being able to analyze our own faces, we gain a deeper understanding of our own inner needs and behaviours, and with increased self-knowledge, we become more compassionate and understanding of ourselves. 

By reading the faces of others we can appreciate how they act and react. In this way we can improve our relationships with our loved ones, understand our bosses, be more effective in business and with anyone we come into contact with in our community.

We can use the information when we meet someone for the first time, whether talking to a shopkeeper, meeting a new client, going out on a date, and have an appreciation of who they are and their basic personality traits.

He will cover:
. Types and personalities
. Career orientation 
. How does it work
. The science behind it
. The procedure used 
. examples and case studies
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9 June - Tatiana Parsons - in ENGLISH
EFT and Chair Yoga" - 2 powerful techniques to keep your energy healthy 

Tatiana Parsons  is a Hypnotherapist, NLP coach, EFT,  Mindfulness and Meditation coach,  Yoga and Pilates Teacher 
She combines a Body-Mind-Spirit approach in all her work with clients.

Do you know how to ‘tap’ away stress?
In this talk, Tatiana first talks about prana and explains the concept of a Body-Mind-Spirit integrated approach. 
She then takes us through the simple sequence of using EFT,  first set up by Gary Craig, the founder of Emotional Freedom Technique 

And she concludes the session with some powerful Chair Yoga to keep the energy flowing!

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Insta @hypnoyogatan
FB @yogatanpar

16 June - Imane Soubra - in ARABIC
Hypnosis and the Simpson Protocol

Imane Soubra   is a Hypnotherapist and a Rapid Transformational Therapist 

How do you deal with your emotions?
And how are they related to your eating behavior?
How do you manage your weight, or maybe binging or food addictions? 
And how do you communicate with your subconscious mind?

Starting with her personal story with dieting and how hypnosis helped her, she talks about comfort food and how the behavior of binging builds up. 
She explains the 3 golden but simple rules of the mind : the best process to interact with our mind, how familiarity dominates over all our life, and our mind’s number one job, how it drags us away from pain and lead us to pleasure,  elaborating how our mind decides what are pains and what are pleasures.


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23 June - Youssef Khoury - in ENGLISH
Leading High Productivity Matters

Youssef Khoury  holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from the University of Michigan – USA, where he lived for 15 years.
He worked at ITT Corporation, Chrysler Corporation, and Saturn/General Motors and was awarded the ITT Corporation “President’s Gold Ring Award” for Outstanding Leadership
He is now the owner of Matters® – Training & Consultancy, which provides Consultancy to many Organizations and Training to their Team Leaders and Team Members.
Using the ‘engineer mindset’, Youssef first had the idea of creating Matters® while teaching Project Management at the University of Balamand. The Goal was to provide the Graduate level students with a management tool that emphasizes Matters taught at the University.
And soon, the Planner Matters® was created. The Planner Matters®  is the First and Only Professional Time Management Tool “Made in Lebanon” that is supported by an Energizing Professional Seminar: The 10+1 Matters for a Balanced & Successful Life ™

What are the 10 F-words +1 you should embrace to lead yourself from the inside out?
So how can Matters+1®️ help Matter+1 Leading Higher Productivity (From Home)?
What is the mysterious “+1”?
And how important is planning?

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