Hypnosis for palliative care

It all started in 2009… a very dear old more than a neighbor was admitted to the hospital and the words of the doctor were: ” It’s a matter of hours”

And I rushed to the airport…. and reached the hospital room at midnight, only to find her in a devastated state of FEAR! Fear of death, which she clearly articulated…. I calmed her down, comforting her and reassuring her ….

Then, the next morning, her state changed into total unresponsiveness… I knew she could hear me, but there was no communication, except still that fearful look on her face…

Then I thought to myself …. people in coma can hear… people in surgeries have retold what they heard… I am a hypnotherapist, so why don’t I just talk to her as if I was in a session with her?

And I did…. for 6 hours, I spoke to her about the wonderful places she had visited, the lake she loved, the things we had done together… and also, about letting go….

And her face changed, and her grip became softer, and her breathing calmer….

As I left that night, I felt that she was ready to go, peacefully and calmly, and I said my good-byes…

I had barely reached her nursing home where I spent the night, when I received the call… that night, as I lay in her bed, I felt a deep satisfaction, and I knew that this was needed more often than I thought…

Only a few months later, destiny sent me the next sweetest woman, and the next….

I believe that life is a cycle…

I believe that humans deserve love and peace at birth, and at death…

If you have a loved one who is terminally ill, or just very old, or if you need support as a family, contact me today to make these last weeks, days or moments memorable and peaceful


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