Become a certified Hypno-Parenting Coach


Hypno-Parenting is not Hypnosis with parents, nor with children… It is an awareness course which I developed for parents, in which we teach them how they are affecting their children with their words and behavior.

The course is based on NLP and Emotional Intelligence, thus includes a lot of exercises around self-awareness, and also social awareness (children of course), and many activities and games.

You will be certified as a Hypno-Parenting Coach, and join the group of international coaches that are working towards making this program available in all schools, and for all parents worldwide.

We have Hypno-Parenting coaches in Lebanon, the UAE, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Canada and the US so far….

I believe that children are really in need for this, and we cannot have enough of us helping them…
I also believe that following a program that is growing worldwide will bring us more opportunities to work in the field of education.

I am offering another certification training for Hypnotherapists
4/5/11/12 November from 5-8pm UAE time
on zoom
The fee is 500$ p.P.

If you are a NOT a Hypno-Therapist and would like to extend your services, 1 additional day of training is required.
This day is to get you acquainted with the basic theories of Hypnosis.
The additional fee for the course is 150$

Contact me on to schedule your Hypnosis Basics training/p>

Price: $500.00

Start Date: November 4, 2020
End Date: November 12, 2020

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