Certification training: Consulting Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner- Virtual August/September 2020



6/7/8/9 August
13/14/15/16 August
20/21/22/23 August
28/29/30 August
4/5/6 September
11/12/13 September
18/19/20 September
25/26/27 September
2/3/4 October

From 4-9 pm Dubai time


NGH Hypnosis Certification: 2600 US$
Basic NLP Practitioner Certification: 1360 US$

EFT 1-day Basics: 200 US$


2 in 1 training: 2250$

Early bird (paid before 1st July): 1950$

Contact me for payment plans

Included are :

• Student manuals and materials designed to serve as reference guides
• Certification as Neuro-Linguistic Consulting Hypnotist from MYP
• Certificate of attendance for EFT Basics from MYP
• Certification as Consulting Hypnotist from NGH
• 1 year membership from NGH
• Certification as Basic NLP Practitioner from NFNLP
• 1 year membership from NFNLP
• If you are in Lebanon, you will be exempt from the exam required to
become a member if the LSH (membership fees still apply)


Course outline

• What is Hypnosis?
• The conscious and the subconscious mind
• Misconceptions of Hypnosis
• Waking hypnosis
• Rules of the mind
• Conducting hypnosis online
• The pre-talk
• Rapport
• Practice
• Suggestibility tests
• Dave Elman Induction
• Confusion method
• Emerging
• Suggestions
• Interviewing the client
• Writing your own script
• Complete NLP Basic Practitioner course

o About NLP
o Sensory Acuity
o The NLP perception model
o Eye accessing cues
o Representational systems
o Predicates
o Strategies
o Sub-Modalities
o Rapport
o Presuppositions of NLP
o Meta Model and questioning
o Anchoring
o Reframing
o ‘The Circle of Excellence’
o ‘New behavior Generator’
o The ‘Swish’
o Fast Phobia Cure
o Changing history
o ‘The visual squash’
o and many more behavior changing specific techniques

• Indirect suggestions
• Integrating NLP linguistic patterns
• Depths states
• Depth testing
• Deepening
• Ideomotor responses
• Using anchors
• Post-hypnotic suggestions
• What is Regression?
• The ‘affect bridge’
• Desensitizing an event
• Forgiveness
• Phobias
• Regression to cause
• Instant inductions
• Past Life Regression
• The corridor regression
• Universal scripts
• Parts Therapy
• Smoking cessation
• Weight loss
• Dealing with pain and physical issues
• Dealing with stress
• Basics of CBT
• Basics of Transactional Analysis
• Self-Hypnosis
• Conducting group sessions
• Working with resistant clients
• Abreaction control
• Hypnosis with children
• The energy modalities
• Chakras and meridians
• EFT basics
• History of hypnosis
• Ethics
• Marketing
• Using hypnosis online vs in person
• And many many rounds of practice

Price: $1,950.00

Start Time: 4:00 PM
End Time: 9:00 PM

Start Date: August 6, 2020
End Date: October 4, 2020

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