Certification training: Consulting Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner- Virtual August/September 2020



6/7/8/9 August
13/14/15/16 August
20/21/22/23 August
28/29/30 August
4/5/6 September
11/12/13 September
18/19/20 September
25/26/27 September
2/3/4 October

From 4-9 pm Dubai time


NGH Hypnosis Certification: 2600 US$
Basic NLP Practitioner Certification: 1360 US$

EFT 1-day Basics: 200 US$


2 in 1 training: 2250$

Early bird (paid before 1st July): 1950$

Contact me for payment plans

Included are :

• Student manuals and materials designed to serve as reference guides
• Certification as Neuro-Linguistic Consulting Hypnotist from MYP
• Certificate of attendance for EFT Basics from MYP
• Certification as Consulting Hypnotist from NGH
• 1 year membership from NGH
• Certification as Basic NLP Practitioner from NFNLP
• 1 year membership from NFNLP
• If you are in Lebanon, you will be exempt from the exam required to
become a member if the LSH (membership fees still apply)


Course outline

• What is Hypnosis?
• The conscious and the subconscious mind
• Misconceptions of Hypnosis
• Waking hypnosis
• Rules of the mind
• Conducting hypnosis online
• The pre-talk
• Rapport
• Practice
• Suggestibility tests
• Dave Elman Induction
• Confusion method
• Emerging
• Suggestions
• Interviewing the client
• Writing your own script
• Complete NLP Basic Practitioner course

o About NLP
o Sensory Acuity
o The NLP perception model
o Eye accessing cues
o Representational systems
o Predicates
o Strategies
o Sub-Modalities
o Rapport
o Presuppositions of NLP
o Meta Model and questioning
o Anchoring
o Reframing
o ‘The Circle of Excellence’
o ‘New behavior Generator’
o The ‘Swish’
o Fast Phobia Cure
o Changing history
o ‘The visual squash’
o and many more behavior changing specific techniques

• Indirect suggestions
• Integrating NLP linguistic patterns
• Depths states
• Depth testing
• Deepening
• Ideomotor responses
• Using anchors
• Post-hypnotic suggestions
• What is Regression?
• The ‘affect bridge’
• Desensitizing an event
• Forgiveness
• Phobias
• Regression to cause
• Instant inductions
• Past Life Regression
• The corridor regression
• Universal scripts
• Parts Therapy
• Smoking cessation
• Weight loss
• Dealing with pain and physical issues
• Dealing with stress
• Basics of CBT
• Basics of Transactional Analysis
• Self-Hypnosis
• Conducting group sessions
• Working with resistant clients
• Abreaction control
• Hypnosis with children
• The energy modalities
• Chakras and meridians
• EFT basics
• History of hypnosis
• Ethics
• Marketing
• Using hypnosis online vs in person
• And many many rounds of practice

We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

Please contact us if you would like to know if spaces are still available.

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