Intensive Hypnotherapy training in Beirut –

NGH & LSH certified

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This intensive training includes the complete curriculum for a professional career in hypnotherapy.

In the training, I will provide a comprehensive and in-depth explanation of every hypnosis technique, after which I will demonstrate it, and then you will practice it within the group. Ideally, you will work in groups of 3, being able to experience the therapist, the client, and also to be a critical observer.

Additionally, the course requires 25+ hours of homework and practice sessions to perfect the skills, which you will be able to complete in the evenings.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, you will receive a certification from the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), the oldest organization in the world with members in more than 65 other countries around the globe and you will be ready to utilize hypnosis and conduct sessions with clients immediately !!!
As BONUS you will receive a one-year membership with the Lebanese Syndicate of Hypnotherapists.

Course content:

• What is Hypnosis? • History of Hypnosis • Preliminary Suggestibility Tests • How to Hypnotize • Trance deepening techniques • Measuring responsiveness and trance depth • The Conscious and Unconscious • Mechanical Aids, (What they are and how to use them) • Inductions • Deepening Techniques • Hypnotic Miscellany • Ethics • Direct suggestion techniques • Complete Smoking Cessation, Weight Control and Stress Management programs, including scripts • How to decide which inductions to use based on the client’s needs • The Pre-Talk • Establishing client goals • Classic induction techniques • Disguised induction methods • Disguised hypnotic suggestion methods • Waking hypnosis methods • How to teach clients self-hypnosis • Advanced instant and rapid inductions rapid and confusion- induction • Regression techniques • Parts Therapy • The use and benefits of ideomotor responses • Anesthesia Management • Abreaction control • Phobia removal • Pain control techniques • and more….

Dates: 16-27 August
Timings: 10 am – 7 pm
Location: tba, depending on the number of participants
Fees: 2600 USD
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Your Board Certified Instructor (NGH)
Mona Abdulrahim-Santl
President of the Lebanese Syndicate of Hypnotherapists