Holistic and Creative Consultancy

What we say, do or think is mainly sub-conscious. We react to what goes on inside of our minds, to our perception of what we call reality. This results in communication or behavioral misunderstandings and challenges, whether in a relationship, a family or in business.

Mind Your Power is a holistic consultancy, focused on wellbeing. We help you bring the unconscious and hidden into awareness, and support you with the solution.


Our approach is holistic:


  • We help you identify your personal and corporate core identity, and ideate solutions for you to present and project yourself, your brand, your corporation and your valuesWe look at the individual, the inner beliefs and values, and help make the desired changes using various tools, therapies and techniques of self-development and growth

  • We analyze the areas that restrict your business from blooming and nurture with bespoke training, coaching and mentoring

  • We analyze the connections in your organization – your company, your team, your family, your personal or professional relationships - and design tailor made sessions to fill the gaps by improving interpersonal skills and thus making communication more effective

  • We work together with schools to improve communication and motivation skills for teachers, parents and students

  • We enhance communication skills in the medical environment to encourage the natural healing process, by implementing a mindset of trust and eliminating the fear factor

  • On a personal level, whether you want to quit smoking, drinking or any other addiction, want to reduce stress, eliminate fears, phobias, infertility issues, enhance your learning abilities, improve sport performance, boost your self-confidence, get rid of overweight, allergies, nail-biting, stuttering, whether you feel depressed or need support in challenging life situations, want better Sales results or better relationships, before and after surgeries…Close your eyes...

    Discover and unleash the power you have within ...
    Imagine your new self ... step into that Imagination... and allow it to become your reality...
    Imagine being in total peace and harmony with yourself and your surroundings…
    Imagine total self-confidence in all your interactions and total control of your emotions …
    Imagine yourself in perfect mental and physical health…

Mind Your Power was founded in Dubai in 2005, and operated in Finland, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia thereafter.

Since 2015, we are back in the UAE, and in the world wide web.

Contact us at:

skype: mindyourpower